LRCCS has carefully fostered many alliances in the Lakes Region and the State of NH which we wish to nurture, maintain, and even expand, after careful consideration. LRCCS is a member in good standing of the NH Center for Nonprofits, Child Care Advisory Council, and Early Learning NH.

Learn more about about some of the things we are working on here: New Report: Investing in the Early Years Reaps Long-Range Benefits For Kids and Economy .


Here is a snippet from this report:

NHPR The Exchange (2/14/2017) “Researchers in psychology, neuroscience, and economics find that a child’s earliest experiences, even before kindergarten, can have far-reaching effects, according to a new RAND report called “Making the Case for Investment in NH’s Children.”

* Jackie Cowell – Executive Director of Early Learning NH
* Lynn Karoly – Senior economist at Rand Corporation
* Tom Raffio – former chair of the State Board of Education and President and CEO of North East Delta Dental.
* Marti Ilg – Executive Director of Lakes Region Child Care Services
* Katie Scherwin – Chief Operating Officer of W.S. Badger Company